Chuck Greene is Steve Boswell's best friend who appeared in The Haunted Mask books.


Goosebumps (original series)

The Haunted Mask

Chuck and Steve were sitting in the lunch room, making each other laugh. Then Steve sneaked over to the table where their friends, Carly Beth Caldwell and Sabrina Mason were sitting and startled Carly Beth by tapping her shoulder. Chuck and Steve thought it was hilarious as scaring Carly Beth had always been their hobby, due to her being afraid of her own shadow. While Chuck tried to take a few of Sabrina's chips, his friend handed a turkey sandwich to Carly Beth, who was unaware, until she had taken a bite that they had sneaked a worm into it. As Carly Beth went into hysterics, Chuck tricked her into thinking that it wasn't a real worm, that it was made of rubber. Carly Beth did fall for that one, making her leave the lunchroom feeling sickened and angry at Chuck and Steve. Later at the science fair, he and Steve were in the auditorium when Steve pretended to lose a tarantula to trick Carly Beth and scared her by pinching her leg. Chuck and the others laughed at that, making Carly Beth very upset.

Later on Halloween, Chuck and Steve were invited by Sabrina to go trick-or-treating after Steve apologized to Carly Beth. They got their costumes organized, but they ended up having to take Steve's little sister trick-or-treating, making them late. Later after that, Chuck and Steve went down a quiet street, examining their trick-or-treat bags. When they walked down a little further, a girl wearing a frightening mask jumped out and scared them out of their wits. Chuck and Steve recognized her as Carly Beth and were amazed at the horrifying-looking mask she was wearing. Carly Beth insisted to them that the Plaster of Paris head of her that her mother made was Carly Beth and viciously ordered them to hand over their candy or their heads will adorn her stick, making Chuck and Steve very uneasy. Then to their shock, the Plaster of Paris head moved and formed the words "Help me, help me". Chuck and Steve were horrified at this and they raced off home in terror. Chuck and Steve being actually meant that Carly Beth had finally managed to scare them and pay them back them back for their tricks, as she had been wanting to do that for quite a while. And Chuck wasn't able to forget the horrible mask that she wore.

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Chuck is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall and thin with long, straight, brown hair and dark brown eyes.


Chuck is a real prankster at Walnut Avenue Middle School who is quite sneaky and likes to play jokes. He is very close to Steve as they have so much in common. And they both liked to scare Carly Beth out of her wits, but Chuck is also friends with her and Sabrina and he would apologize to Carly Beth if the joke went too far. He also doesn't scare Carly Beth anymore ever since the encounter with The Haunted Mask, but there are moments where Chuck would attempt to scare her for old time's sake. Chuck is more of the brains when it comes to his and Steve's pranks, but sometimes Steve gets more of the blame than he does. But Chuck would always help his best friend out and he is a kinder and humble person at heart. And Chuck also insists that he and Steve are best friends because they make each other laugh, not because they look so much alike.

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