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In part two of a three-part mini-series, Matthew gets sucked into Karlsville and gets caught in a twisted baseball game. This episode was the twentieth episode of Season 3. It was directed by William Fruet.


Matthew and Todd find the town and put it in Matthew's room. Later, Matthew loses his baseball game and it makes him feel very bad. He goes home and also gets sucked inside Karlsville. He is then forced to play a weird baseball game. He is then faced with different life-risking challenges but manages to make it to home base and escape. Jessica then comes over and tries to help get rid of the town, but Todd gets sucked into the town by receiving a letter from it.



  • On the DVD cover for this mini-series, the cover is from the book, Monster Blood III.
  • This mini-series has been released on DVD.
  • This mini-series was not based on any book or any short story. It was made purely for television.
  • Caterina Scorsone (Jessica Walters) played Sara Kramer in Season 1's Night of the Living Dummy II.


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