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Chillogy is a special mini-series. It comprises of three parts:.

Part 1

Jessica finds the model town and gets sucked into it. Karl then convinces her to sell lemonade that everyone seems to like. Her greediness gets the best of her and she starts to raise up her prices for the lemonade. Soon the whole town is trying to get lemonade, and Jessica tries to scam the customers to get more money. But her plan is revealed and she then turns into a pig. Karl then tells everyone to get her, and she is chased by the whole town. She then escapes by calling home in a phone booth.

Part 2

Matthew and Todd find the town and put it in Matthew's room. Later, Matthew loses his baseball game and it makes him feel very bad. He goes home and also gets sucked inside Karlsville. He is then forced to play a weird baseball game. He is then faced with different life-risking challenges but manages to make it to home base and escape. Jessica then comes over and tries to help get rid of the town, but Todd gets sucked into the town by receiving a letter from it.

Karl (Goosebumps Chillogy)

Karl, the King of Karlsville

Part 3

Todd is celebrated in Karlsville as being the grand prize winner, but is then restrained by Karl and is threatened to be turned into a plastic figure. Jessica and Matthew then enter the town again and free Todd from Karl. They try to escape again by calling home or touching home plate, but they are stopped by Karl each time, and are cornered by Karl and the town. They then see Matthews mom vacuuming the town up and escaped by getting sucked into the vacuum. They then burn the town and think they have also destroyed Karl. But it turns out that Karl is still in the Vacuum and slides out, laughing maniacally.



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