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Brooke Rodgers is the main protagonist in the twenty-fourth Goosebumps book, Phantom of the Auditorium.


Brooke and her best friend, Zeke Matthews attended Woods Mill Middle School and auditioned for a play that their teacher, Ms. Walker, had arranged called The Phantom as they are both horror fans. Ms. Walker told them that the play was cursed, but Brooke and Zeke did not believe her and thought of it as a joke. They also heard rumors of a phantom haunting their school, but no one had ever seen him. Brooke and her friends only knew that he had been haunting Woods Mill Middle School for more than seventy years.

One Friday afternoon at the end of school, Brooke struggled to get her locker open, thinking about her weekend, when Zeke sneaked up behind her and asked if she had any homework. Brooke told him that she was free and as she was discussing about going to the Creature festival when Zeke reminded her about the cast list for the play. A nervous Brooke couldn't look at first, but then changed her mind and to her horror, she saw a note saying that she was suspended from school, but then it turned out to be a joke by Zeke. Then Brooke saw that she and her friend had actually got the two biggest parts as Esmerelda and The Phantom respectively. Zeke was not convinced at first until Tina Powell, a seventh-grader that Brooke does not get along with told him so. Brooke then asked Tina if she had a part, to which Tina replied that she is Brooke's understudy, meaning that she will play Esmerelda if Brooke was unable to attend and boasted that she was also in charge of the scenery. Brooke wanted to say something nasty to Tina, but was so happy about having the part of Esmerelda, she decided to ignore her.

On Monday, Brooke and her friends had begun to rehearse the play and were really excited. Brooke's friend, Corey Sklar, who was playing Esmerelda's father, asked her what the play was about, to which Brooke replied that she only knew it was scary. Then Tina piped up saying that her great-grandfather was a student of the school and he had told her about the curse of the play, which got everyone very excited. Ms. Walker, who was running the play did not think it was a good time to tell the story as it was upsetting, but Brooke and her friends, led by Zeke, forced her to tell them. Ms. Walker eventually told of how a young boy hunted around in the basement of the library for a story to do a play on. Eventually, he found the script of The Phantom and he earned the role of The Phantom himself. But on the night of the performance, the boy playing The Phantom had suddenly disappeared and was never found again and the play was never performed. Brooke and her friends were thinking about the story when Corey noticed The Phantom grinning at them from the doorway. But Brooke knew it was only Zeke playing a joke. After that, Ms. Walker explained that all the scripts were destroyed except for one that was kept in a vault and now they were going to perform The Phantom for the first time in seventy-two years. Then Ms. Walker insisted to her students that it is just a story as they asked about the curse and then she fell through a trapdoor. Then she explained to Brooke and her friends that it was built for the production of The Phantom and it was never used until now, making Brooke and Zeke very excited. After being told not to use the trapdoor and catching Zeke's expression, Brooke read through her lines, noticing Tina's jealousy during the process. After the rehearsal, Brooke was pulled aside by Zeke, who asked her to come and try the trapdoor. Brooke was uncertain at first, but then decided that nothing bad could possibly happen.

Later, after an allergy attack on the trap door, Zeke asked Brooke to find the small peg that made the trapdoor work, which she found and activated after another attack. At first, Brooke thought the trapdoor was going to stop just beneath the stage as it moved, but it kept dropping to her and Zeke's surprise. And soon they were stopped at what appeared to be a long, black tunnel. Brooke and Zeke were amazed at this and Brooke asked her friend if he wanted to explore, actually pretending to be brave as she didn't really want to explore the tunnel. After Zeke made a bad joke about The Phantom and suggested to leave, Brooke reminded him that the peg was up on the stage and they cannot reach it, meaning that they were trapped. Brooke and Zeke got into an argument over this and in a shoving match, Brooke stumbled into another switch, activating the trap door to go up. But the trap door only stopped five feet below the stage, so Brooke gave Zeke a boost to the top and waited for him to pull her up, which took a while. Brooke soon got impatient and thinking Zeke was playing a trick on her, she yelled to him to pull her up. Finally a hand reached down and pulled Brooke out and she stared into the eyes of a strange, little man, who introduced himself as Emile, the night janitor. He demanded to know what Brooke and Zeke were doing in school, to which Brooke told him that they had a late rehearsal and lied that she had they had to come back to get her jacket. Emile then demanded about them knowing about the trapdoor and Zeke told him Ms. Walker showed it to them, to which Emile replied if they knew how dangerous it was. Later at home, Brooke talked with Zeke on the phone about Emile, with Zeke teasing her about how frightened she was of him and joked that Emile was The Phantom, which Brooke did not find funny at all.

The next morning, after walking her little brother Jeremy to his elementary school and telling him a little about the play, Brooke walked to school, remembering her old stage fright, when she came across a boy sitting at her desk. She told him it was her desk, to which he replied that he thought it was where Ms. Walker had assigned him, but eventually saw through his mistake. He then revealed that he was new and introduced himself as Brian Colson and he told Brooke that he had been hearing a lot about the play and said that he was in all the plays back in Indiana, but he never had a lead role. Seeing how disappointed he was for not coming in time to have the lead role, Brooke invited him to come to rehearsal with her, though she didn't think Brian was the acting type as he seemed so shy. After Zeke arrived late and Ms. Walker came in, Brooke realized that she had forgotten her science notebook and hurried to her locker to get it. But to her surprise, she found it half open and then she thought she saw someone with an ugly blue-and-green face staring at her. It turned out to be just a mask and Brooke also found a note saying STAY AWAY FROM MY HOME SWEET HOME. Brooke thought that Zeke was playing a joke, so when she got back to class, she confronted him about it. Zeke was confused, but Brooke had a feeling that he did it and he knew it.

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Brooke is quite a thrill-seeker, especially when it comes to horror stuff and she does have a fair bit of humor in her and she can be pretty cheeky. She usually likes having the creeps, except for when things got too creepy even for her. Sometimes she can get really frustrated with some things, such as her allergies, her locker and Tina, whom Brooke has a bad relationship with because of Tina's dislike of her, even though Brooke hardly even knows her. Brooke may not get along with Tina, but she is not a mean and nasty person and finds it hard to come up with anything like that. She likes Ms. Walker as a teacher and is very careful to try not to get on her bad side. Brooke is very close to Zeke and she doesn't care if the other girls think it is weird that her best friend is a boy. She and Zeke have been friends for nine years and they just know everything about each other (for example, Brooke knows that Zeke still wears Kermit the Frog pajamas). Brooke never thinks of Zeke as cute because she has known him her entire life. She can get pretty annoyed with some of Zeke's jokes, but other than that, Brooke is good friends with him. She sometimes has a tendency to just rattle, earning her the nickname "Babbling Brooke" and also to change her mind a lot, which drives Zeke crazy. Brooke also hates her glasses, as she thinks they make her look nerdy and she often wishes they could disappear though she has very poor vision without them.

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