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  • NicktheDummy

    Get ready

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  • NicktheDummy

    We have a black car, I get Slappy, my brother drives the car, but Slappy ison his lap, we go to a drive through, my brother and I hide, and the cash year starts freaking out because she actually beleived that Slappy was driving the car!

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  • Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

    I decided to make a list of the Goosebumps Creature's ages by the date of each book's release. So here it goes:

    Slappy and Wally - 24 (1993 - 2017 = 24)

    Will Blake/The Werewolf- 24 (1993 - 2017 = 24)

    The Haunted Mask- 24 (1993 - 2017 = 24)

    Count NIghtwing/The Vampire - 21 (1996 - 2017 = 21)

    The Mud Monster- 22 (1995 - 2017 = 22)

    Amaz-O- 21 (1996 - 2017 = 21)

    Cuddles the Hamster- 23 (1994 - 2017 = 23)

    Ray Thurston - 25 (1992 - 2017 = 25)

    The Scarecrow - 23 (1994 - 2017 = 23)

    Prince Khor-ru- 23 (1994 - 2017 = 23)

    The Grool- 22 (1995 - 2017 = 22)

    Egg Monster- 21 (1996 - 2017 = 21)

    R.I.P. the Cat- 19 (1998 - 2017 = 19)

    The Abominable Snowman- 22 (1995 - 2017 = 22)

    The Praying Mantis- 22 (1995 - 2017 = 22)

    That is all I have for now. Comment down on what you t…

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  • Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

    But this will be Slappy's first time because it can be pretty tough to play Bingo in a manuscript :) :) :) :) :) :) :) But if one of wins, we will split are winnings :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)  Wish us luck!!!!!!! - Slappy'sGirlfriend2598.

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  • Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

    Because I want to to do something special for Slappy and Wally's 25th birthday. But everytime I look up the book's release date, it comes up as May 1993 and not the specific day. I will really appreciate it and when you comment down below, I will give you a hint on surprise for the special thing i am going to do for these two evil dummies :) :) :) :) :) :) :) - Slappy'sGirlfriend2598.

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  • Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

    I have always wondered this because it states that they are twins or in some fanficitons, they are a year or a couple months apart. But I think I have a feeling that I know their age. If you subtract the first Night of the Living Dummy book by 2017 you get 24 (1993 - 2017 = 24). I know that I said in a previous post that I had always thought that Slappy was the oldest and Wally was the youngest. But I had a feeling that if you actually calculated their ages they would roughly be in their early-mid twenties. I also have a fanficition series called Goosebumps High, and I made Slappy 16 and Wally 14. But here is another fact, technically, Slappy and Wally were both apparently created in the 1800's. So say if you subtract 1800 by 2017 you will…

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  • NicktheDummy

    So far, with Goosebumps 2, the story is completed, since R.L. Stine tweeted that from what he heard, the story is amazing.

    Amazing huh, so maybe it will be better than the first film! so anyway, we'll be looking forward to seeing more monsters and zombies and ghouls in September 2018!.

    What about the Fear Street Movie? well, unlike Goosebumps 2, Fear Street has no release date yet, but here's what we do know.

    The movie is going to be an original story, good, also, I 100% doubt that it will do what the first Goosebumps film did, for one, Fear Street will be made by 20th Century Fox, Goosebumps was done by Sony, plus, most of the villains in Fear Street are teenage psychopaths, sometimes ghosts.

    It has also been reported that someone has been hi…

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  • Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

    This is my first theory. They were the best of friends and they did everyting together. Slappy and the other monsters had defended Stine from the bullies that picked on him at school. I kinda have a feeling that Slappy had snuck to school with Stine just because he wanted his Papa to feel safe. But here is the catch, Slappy was disguised as a student by wearing a black hoodie and a beanie and just hid near the lockers just to keep an eye on Stine and he wouldn't get recognized. He also had an alliases which was "Slade" because he didn't want those kids to make fun of his real name. I also think that Stine and Slappy had always walked home from school together and play fighted all the way back. But, Stine had to hide Slappy away from his pa…

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  • IsaiahV17

    R.L Stine Tweet

    February 22, 2017 by IsaiahV17

    R.L Stine liked my tweet of me with Slappy! Yay!

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  • GodzillaFan1

    Yep, it's been a while. Let's get right in!

    On Christmas I got:

    • The Haunter
    • The 12 Screams of Christmas
    • Goosebumps Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Vinyl Record, the movie poster version)

    I wanted The Haunter and The 12 Screams of Christmas because the cover art for the Goosebumps Most Wanted special editions are phenomenal, and those two in particular were my favorites out of the bunch. So I'm happy to have those. Although, I find it really bizarre how The Haunter has a raised cover, but The 12 Screams of Christmas doesn't. Odd.

    And about the record: I didn't actually want the movie poster version, I wanted the one with Curly. However, my mom ordered the movie poster version by mistake.

    This week I got:

    • Goosebumps Original Motion Picture Sound…
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  • Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

    I am not sure if this is true or not or if R.L. Stine had offically annouced the plot for "I am Slappy's Evil Twin" on Twitter. But, apparently Slappy's twin is named Snappy and it doesn't make since because in "Slappy's Nightmare", it is revealed that Wally is Slappy's twin. Could this mean that they are triplets????? But back to the main topic, I really want Wally back in the Goosebumps Fandom either in the sequel, new book, or new cartoon, it doesn't matter. I just want to see him and Slappy get into a huge battle or work together so that they are a much bigger threat. I also think that some fans are starting to get sick and tired of Slappy getting all of the fame (I can't belive I just said that!!!!! Sorry Slappy-Kins

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  • Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

    I know that I have been posting a lot of blogs these past couple of days ever since I have been part of this Wiki and I am sorry. But what do you guys think if Goosebumps had been rebooted into a cartoon. I have a feeling that it will be about the Monster's personal lives and see what kind of mischief they will be up to like bothering Stine or what they do on their day off when they are not scaring the living shit out of people. And during the show's progress, you can kind of find out why Slappy and Stine are not friends anymore. Another idea would be that it takes place after the Goosebumps Movie, kind of like what Ghostbusters did with their cartoons and Stine and the kids could capture different kinds of monsters from the franchise like…

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  • Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

    - Slappy is the oldest bewteen him and Wally, roughly a year. But he is over proctective of his little brother because he has a fear that they will be seperated again.

    - Slappy secretly loves The Teletubbies and Wally secretly loves Care Bears.

    - Wally is more intelligent than Slappy. If he had the chance to go to school, the classes he will take would take would be, Science, Math, History and English.

    - Wally really wants to contribute to the scientific community and wants to win the Nobel Prize for his inventions. But, he is afraid the world will fear him since he is a a Goosebumps Creature.

    - One time, back when Slappy was 13 am Wally was 12, they wanted to go see an R rated movie but Stine told them that they were too young. So Slappy boug…

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  • Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

    Who do you think is the oldest and more intelligent between the two. I think that Slappy is the oldest because he is way more popular then Wally and he was in more books. Plus I think that he will usually be the one who could be over protective of Wally and wants to be a good brother because he doesn't want them to be seperated again. I think Wally is the youngest and more intelligent, because if you read the first "Night of the Living Dummy" book, he has such a bigger vocabulary then Slappy does for example, "I'm warning you-" Mr. Wood threatened. You are becoming very tiresome." pg-113. You never really heard Slappy use big words like that and I also have a feeling that Wally is a book worm and is the brains between the two of them. Quic…

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  • IsaiahV17

    New Goosebumps Masks

    February 18, 2017 by IsaiahV17

    Are You guys excited for Trick or Treat studios new line of Goosebumps Masks? I Sure am! 

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  • Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

    Hi Guys......

    February 17, 2017 by Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

    My name is Slappy'sGirlfriend2598 and I am a new user to this wiki. I will be posting anything Goosebumps relaated like the sequel or new books and characters. I will also create Headcanons and OC's based on the Goosebumps franchise. P.S. I also love Goosebumps role playing and Fanfictions :) :) :) :) :) 

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  • NicktheDummy

    Slappy and his monster army are coming back, and the sequel probably will have new monsters that didn't appear in Part 1.

    Which monsters who was not featured in part 1 do you hope appears in the second movie?

    Me personally:

    • Mr. Wood from Night of the Living Dummy
    • Horrors from One Day at HorrorLand
    • Monster Blood
    • The Camera
    • Ghost Beach Ghosts
    • The Masked Mutant
    • The Grool It Came From Beneath the Sink
    • The Beast From the East
    • Ivanna from Legend of the Lost Legend
    • Della from The Curse of Camp Cold Lake
    • The Knight in Screaming Armor
    • Mrs. Maaaargh the Creature Teacher
    • Marianna from Jekyell and Heidi (Only because that's one of my favorite books)
    • Aaron from The Werewolf in the Living Room
    • The Snatcher from Return to Ghost Camp
    • Dragon from Be Afraid - Be Very Afarai…
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  • IsaiahV17

    New Goosebumps TV Show?

    February 17, 2017 by IsaiahV17

    Do you guys think there should be a new Goosebumps TV Show? I feel since there have been many more books that have come out since the original show ended, i feel like the show should come back now due to the success of the movie, and should have many more adaptations of the books.

    I also feel it would work because of the improvement of special effects in TV, so you can bring many more monsters to the TV show than could've been in the 90's show.

    If they do, I feel like it should either be like the old show with different characters and stories in each episodes, or have a continuing story that arcs over several episodes, like Goosebumps HorrorLand. What do You guys think?

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  • ErnestoCabral2016

    Hey guys, how have you been? Well, I do not know if you know speak or hear words in Spanish ... I was watching the TV episode of Night of the Living Dummy II in Spanish and I discovered something very surprising ..... THE NAMES OF AMY AND SARA ARE CHANGED TO KRIS AND LINDY!

    Kris and Lindy are the main protagonists of the first Night of the Living Dummy (which was never done in an episode). If you watch the episode of N.O.T.L.D II in Spanish you will hear that throughout the episode Amy and Sara are called Kris and Lindy. It is something really strange, those who want to know this, look at the episode in Spanish.

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  • NicktheDummy

    Slappy Valentine's Day everyone, to celebrate this day of love, and fear, here's a short story for you that I made up:

    The Valentine's Day Horror:

    It was February 14th, Valentine's day, and I really wasn't determined to make this day any special, then at school, Vanessa, the prettiest girl at school came up to me, and asked me out, I couldn't beleive I had a date, espessially Vanessa, she never talks to me, until now.

    so after school, I bought a giant stuffed bear from Safeway, a box of Sweet Hearts, some red roses, and a box of Hunger Games Valentine's day cards, I felt good, I wanted everything to be just perfect.

    I took a walk down the street, the wind feeling nice on my face, the salt air from the ocean for the first time didn't bother me, i…

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  • GoosebumpsArt

    I drew a new avatar icon for myself! It was inspired by The Haunted Mask:

    (Let me know what you think.)

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  • NicktheDummy

    R.L. Stine said on twitter that Sony Columbia has scheduled the GB movie sequel for a year from now. I've heard the story, and it's pretty amazing.

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  • NicktheDummy

    Goosebumps SlappyWorld

    Release Date: February 28, 2017

    Days Left: 2

    This is Slappy's World, You Only Scream in it!

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  • NicktheDummy

    About 20 hours ago, Sony changed the release date of Goosebumps 2 from January 26, 2018 to September 21, 2018, this makes me glad and mad at the same time.

    Here's evidence:

    • It's no longer going to be apart of cinema's dump month
    • Sony now has plenty of time to make the movie
    • We get to see it close to Halloween again


    Tell me your thoughts about this.

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  • GoosebumpsResearcher

    Would you Rather...

    Be frozen by Body Squeezers or be roasted by Pumpkin Heads?

    Would you rather...

    Find a Grool or a Lanx?

    Would you rather...

    Live in Dark Falls or Highgrave?

    Would you rather...

    Go to camp at Camp Nightmoon, King Jellyjam's Sports Camp, Camp Spirit Moon or Camp Cold Lake?

    Would you rather...

    Meet Countess Yvonne or Count Nightwing?

    Leave your answers in the comments

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  • Chicken10

    I have read all orignal series goosebump books heres where i'd rank them all from my favorite to least favorite [ones with the same number are ties]

    .1 the huanted school

    2.beware the snowman

    3. the phantom of the auditorium

    4. night of the lving dummy 2

    5.say cheese and die

    6. calling all creeps

    6 welcome to dead house

    7. ghost camp

    7. the ghost next door

    8. ghost beach

    9. piano lessons can be murder

    10. the scarecrow walks at midnight

    11. my best friend is invisible

    12. the huanted mask

    13. night of the living dummy

    13 stay out of the basment

    14. the curse of camp cold lake

    15. the headless ghost

    16. reavenge of the lawn gnomes

    17. monster blood

    17 lets gte invisible

    17. attack of the jack-o-lanters

    18. monster blood 2

    19. the barking ghost

    19 werewolf skin

    20. m…

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  • NicktheDummy

    1 year: Here Comes the Shaggedy

    2 years: A Nightmare on Clown Street

    18 years: Jekyll and Heidi

    19 years: Bride of the Living Dummy

    20 years: How I Learned to Fly

    21 years: Night of the Living Dummy III

    22 years: The Cuckoo Clock of Doom

    23 years: One Day at Horrorland

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  • GoosebumpsResearcher

    Would you rather...

    Be stuck in the basement of a gardening store with Lawn Gnomes or in a toy factory with Annihilator 3000s

    Would you rather...

    Wear The Haunted Mask or The Old Man Mask from The Haunted Mask II

    Would you rather...

    Visit HorrorLand, Panic Park or The Carnival of Horrors 

    Would you rather...

    Explore the island of Baldora or the Fantasy Forest of Brovania

    Would you rather...

    face the green Monster Blood or the blue Monster Blood

    leave your answers in the comments

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  • NicktheDummy

    January 26, 2018! well, they might which it, like what they did with part 1, August 7th to October 16th, but I do beleive that 2018 is the year, Goosebumps 2 (film)

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  • Grillas Storm

    Hi Guys. I'm new on the wiki and I'm from Brazil. In the Trivia Crack Kingdoms I created a Goosebumps channel named Goosebumps Master. If you can help, play it or send me suggestions. Thanks bro!

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  • NicktheDummy

    3 year: Creature Teacher: The Final Exam

    4 years: Son of Slappy

    5 years: Don't Scream!

    6 years: The Horror at Chiller House

    7 years: When the Ghost Dog Howls

    8 years: Who's Your Mummy? and My Friends Call Me Monster

    17 years: Ghost in the Mirror

    18 years: Return to Horrorland

    19 years: Cry of the Cat

    20 years: Beware, the Snowman

    21 years: How I Got My Shrunken Head

    22 years: A Night in Terror Tower

    23 years: You Can't Scare Me!

    24 years: The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

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  • Goosebumps studios

    I have noticed that there have been no saint patricks day book. Which is weird because there are so many possibilities

    like an evil leperchaun or a team of leperchaun's that kidnap children if they catch a leperchaun and the book title can be "The Leperchauns are coming" or someting like that but he might make one in the slappy world series we will just have to wait I guess. What do you think and If you can think of a differant title comment one bellow.

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  • ErnestoCabral2016

    Hello! I just finished reading the sequel to Ghost Camp, Return to Ghost Camp. I wonder if Ari's character is good or bad? It's something I did not quite understand.

    What happened to Harry, Alex, Lucy, Elvis and Uncle Marv? Why did not they come back for the sequel?

    On the subject of Laura, did she never exist? She was the Snatcher in disguise, right? I would like to know about those three questions, please.

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  • ErnestoCabral2016

    I recently read The Werewolf in the Living Room but there are some things I do not quite understand ...

    First of all, is Ben really a werewolf? Aaron became a werewolf by a bite or a curse? Aaron is the same Aaron who appears in Jekyll and Heidi?

    I did not understand these parts well, please someone explain it to me, I would appreciate it very much

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  • GoosebumpsArt

    Hello everybody, Happy New Years! Let's start the year off right with some Goosebumps SlappyWorld news.

    R.L. Stine announced via Twittter that there will be 4 SlappyWorld books in 2017!

    EVEN BIGGER NEWS: Scholastic just confirmed the book I Am Slappy's Evil Twin!

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  • GoosebumpsArt

    According to the timer on Wikia "Fandom", it is January 1st right now, so happy New Years! :)

    Over the course of 2016, this Wiki improved quite a bit, and I think we should all be pretty proud of that. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and I hope you all have a great night!!!

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  • NicktheDummy

    The 25th anniversary of Goosebumps is coming! Wow, 25 freaking years! R.L. Stine said there will be suprises in store, My God, I wonder what's going to happen. Also, Stine is also going to write a Marvel comic called, "Man Thing" man, we're all connected.

    So any way, what do you think is going to happen in 2017? How Will you celebrate?

    For me, I'm going to have an R.L. Stine movie month in July 2017:

    • Ghost Beach
    • A Night in Terror Tower
    • Scary House
    • Chillogy
    • The Ghost Next Door
    • It Came From Beneath the Sink
    • Attack of the Mutant
    • The Blob that Ate Everyone
    • Go Eat Worms
    • Attack of the Jack O Lanterns
    • The Headless Ghost
    • The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
    • Monster Blood
    • Night of the Living Dummy
    • Say Cheese and Die
    • Goosebumps movie
    • The Haunting Hour vol. 1
    • The Haunting H…
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  • NicktheDummy

    I recently read Brain Juice, and it's definetley in the top 15 of the best Goosebumps books of all time, in fact, R.L. Stine himself said that Brain Juice was his favorite Goosebumps book ever, normally when people ask him what his favorite book is, and he'll normally say, '"Night of the Living Dummy" (which is my favorite) or "The Haunted Mask" but it's actually Brain Juice, and he's kind of upset that fans don't talk about that book, I liked it, so I think we should start talking about it.

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  • NicktheDummy

    On the first day of Christmas Slappy gave to me:

    *A Skeleton Tree

    On the second day of Christmas Slappy gave to me:

    *Two Angry Werewolves

    *And a Skeleton Tree

    On the third day of Christmas Slappy gave to me:

    *Three Ravonus Snowmen

    *Two Angry Werewolves

    *And a Skeleton Tree

    On the fourth day of Christmas Slappy gave to me:

    *Four evil Lawn Gnomes

    *Three Ravonus Snowmen

    *Two Angry Werewolves

    *And a Skeleton Tree

    On the fifth day of Christmas Slappy gave to me:

    *Five Black Rings

    *Four Evil Lawn Gnomes

    • Three Ravonus Snowmen

    *Two Angry Werewolves

    • And a Skeleton Tree

    On the Sixth day of Christmas Slappy gave to me:

    *Six Purple Peanut Butter cookies

    *Five Black Rings

    *Four Evil Lawn Gnomes

    *Three Ravonus Snowmen

    *Two ANgry Werewolves

    *And a Skeleton Tree

    On the Seventh day …

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  • ErnestoCabral2016

    Hi, I recently read I Am Your Evil Twin and Revenge R Us and the truth is that I did not understand the story of the characters, just this:

    I Am Your Evil Twin: Uncle Leo's sister is Nan? That she was not his daughter? Or is Nan Monty's sister?

    Revenge R Us: The protagonist Wade Brill is man or woman? Wade is a man's name but in the book he is a woman... and who is Iris? Maggie is her crow?

    I just wanted to know about that because I'm confused, if I could get out of those doubts I would appreciate them a lot :)

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  • ErnestoCabral2016

    In an interview with R.L. Stine, he revealed that he is working in a NEW Goosebumps SlappyWorld book titled I Am Slappy's Evil Twin. This information was revealed in Streamable. 

    The link is here:

    This book presents a "evil twin" for Slappy the Dummy? A new enemy? This book is a poorly parody from I Am Your Evil Twin? Mr. Wood return? I'm so excited that released the book! :D and you??

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  • NicktheDummy

    Slappy is the MAIN villain of the Goosebumps movie, but the MAIN protagonist? A majority says it's R.L. Stine, and another majority says it's Zach Cooper, but who is the MAIN MAIN character? Here's a list of facts that supports their place:

    • The actor who plays him, "Jack Black" is the star of the movie.
    • Stine is the creator of all the monsters of the film, and the main villain, Slappy, is his evil alter ego.
    • He wrote the manuscript to stop all the monsters, making him a hero.
    • Stine is a real person, and the film is about a fictional version of him.

    • He is the narrator of the movie's novelization.
    • Most of the begining of the film focuses on him.
    • Zach was the one who came up with the idea on how to defeat the monsters, and made heroic actions throu…

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  • NicktheDummy

    This blog might not be important, but sometimes videos can make articles be more than enough fun to read, for those of you who want to know, here's a list of articles that have videos:

    • Goosebumps (film)
    • Goosebumps: The Game
    • Goosebumps: Night of Scares (Mobile Game)
    • Goosebumps HorrorLand (Video Game)
    • Attack of the Mutant (Video Game)
    • R.L. Stine (film)
    • Zach Cooper
    • Hannah Fairchild
    • Slappy the Dummy
    • Will Blake
    • Lawn Gnomes
    • Giant Praying Mantises
    • Abominable Snowman
    • Break the Rules
    • Bumps Gonna Goose Ya!
    • Bad Hare Day
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  • Melissalamb

    cool film

    November 18, 2016 by Melissalamb
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  • NicktheDummy

    Yeah, I am also a gamer, and I've played them all, although I only own three of them, oh well, here's my ranking:

    • 5: Goosebumps HorrorLand (Video Game): Although fun at times, the game is extremley frustrating, the main character is dumb, and the soundtrack is annoying, the only music I enjoyed was the bumper carnage theme.
    • 4: Escape from Horrorland (Video Game): It was kind of boring, and had some weird characters, but had its ups.
    • 3: Attack of the Mutant (Video Game): Very intresting gameplay, nice final battle, it was a great mixture of horror and super hero gaming.
    • 2: Goosebumps: The Game: Although it's a point and click adventure, I thought the game was spooky, with it's eerie music, eerie moments, and nice atmosphere.
    • 1: Goosebumps: Nigh…
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  • NicktheDummy

    For this blog, I'm ranking all the Goosebumps book series, NOTE: Goosebumps SlappyWorld won't be on here yet due to it not being released yet.

    • 10. Goosebumps Presents
    • 9. Goosebumps Triple Header
    • 8. Tales to Give You Goosebumps
    • 7. Goosebumps Hall of Horrors
    • 6. Goosebumps HorrorLand
    • 5. Give Yourself Goosebumps
    • 4. Goosebumps Most Wanted
    • 3. Goosebumps Movie Novel
    • 2. Goosebumps Series 2000
    • 1. Goosebumps
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  • Rooster787

    TOP 5 BEST

    1. 1 the huanted school:reason-its simply amazing unsettling mysterious and totally unexpeted
    1. 2 the huanter-reason-its very scary and has some of the best characters of any goosebumps
    1. 3 the phantom of the aditorium-reason-fansasty mystery,thuogh not scary.
    1. 4 beware,the snowman-reason-great story pretty good characters and awesome monster
    1. 5 night of the living dummy 2-good build up, ok characters and pretty scary


    1. 1 don't go to sleep-reason-the story is not scary the characters suck,wait what characters?
    1. 2 welcome to camp nightmare-very scary fantastic build up good characters on the bath to being the best goosebumps book in history!.then the guys parents jump out of no where and say its all a prank

    1. 3 deep truoble-the story is sim…

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  • Blazehillbilly666


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  • Rooster787

    there are meny goosebumps bok as we all know there are the famus ones night of the ling dummy welcom to dead house exetra, but there are meny fantasic books few have read heres a small list

    1. 1 the huanted school :the huanted school is a truly amazing book its scary mysterious great build up and totally unexpetted story, but i've look online at the fna bse exetra its raely talked about, a  video of the top 30 best it was not on there. i've reached the conlosion that its not commenly read more people should read

    1. 2 night of the living dummy 2: thuogh it s commenly read and talked about its seemingly living in the shadow of 1 and 3 thuogh what the heck night of the livng dummy 2 is 30 times better then 1 and 3, better charactors the things slammy…

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  • NicktheDummy

    It is November, and you know what that means, Thanksgiving! Or what I like to call it, Turkey day, "BRING ON THE PUMPKIN PIE!" Sounds great doesn't it? But hears what I want to discuss, R.L. Stine has written numorus books about Halloween, which is awesome, two Christmas themed books, and Slappy New Year! (You know darn well what holiday that's about), but there has NEVER been a Thanksgiving themed Goosebumps book, in the comments below, tell me YOUR ideas for a Thanksgiving themed Goosebumps book, and let's see who will make our feathers fly!

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