"Attack of the Tattoo" was the second out of ten short stories featured in the book Still More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Jeannie is a bit disappointed by everything she got, while trick-or-treating this year. Nothing cool, nothing big, nothing special or fun, basically. She did get a neat fake tattoo of a snake though! But she cannot get the tattoo to stick to her skin for some reason...

After much time spent with the small little piece of paper, she manages to find a special 3D message wrote telling her that the tattoo will only stick if it is applied with water warmed by the sun. So, Jeannie takes a bottle of water outside and finds a good spot to then stick the tattoo to her skin. It sticks!

Unfortunately, this tattoo makes snakes crawl out of her skin!

And so, Jeannie tries to remove the tattoo and clean it off. Then she removes the snakes or try to make them stop but it is not working. Finally, her friend suggests she look at the tattoo's instruction slip for instructions on how to remove the tattoo.

After a bit of time, she manages to unstick it by using water exposed to a full moon. Unfortunately, everyone in her class happened to overhear how she got the tattoo to stick and come the following class day, everyone else has gotten their horrible Halloween tattoos of gross creatures affixed...