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Attack of the Jack is the second book in the Goosebumps SlappyWorld book series. It is set to release in 2017.

The cover shows a pirate with many gold coins in the air.


Violet Packer and her brother Shawn are visiting their Uncle Jim for the summer. He lives in an old house by the seashore. Jim was a sailor and he has collected strange and fascinating items from the sea. While exploring a back room, Violet and Shawn discover a locked trunk, which is a pirate's chest. The trunk is wrapped in old, heavy chains and is also locked with a huge rusted lock. But Violet and Shawn managed to get it open.

They lift the lid slowly and see that's filled with antique jack-in-the-boxes. One box is hidden under the others, covered in dust and it plays an odd, unpleasant song. Then up pops a mean-looking puppet, an old pirate with a dirty red bandana over his long greasy hair, scars on his cheeks, a beard and one eye missing. Then he bounces on his spring, rasping "Thanks for letting Sailor Jack out!". Violet and Shawn now face new and troubling questions: Will Jack return them to their uncle? Just how much is a pirate's promise worth? [1][2]




  • The working title for this story was "Jack Attack". [3]
  • This is the second Goosebumps book to feature a pirate as the main antagonist. The first book to do this was Creep from the Deep.
  • This title sounds similar to Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns.
  • Sailor Jack's appearance on the cover looks nearly identical to the the appearance of a character that appeared on the cover of the book Pirates of the Sea!. Both books were illustrated by Brandon Dorman.


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  3. An overcast day in Sag Harbor. I'm indoors, writing a new Goosebumps book called "Jack Attack." No, it's not about Jack Black.
Goosebumps SlappyWorld series
#01 Slappy Birthday to You
#02 Attack of the Jack
#03 I Am Slappy's Evil Twin
#04 Please Do Not Feed the Weirdo

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