"Attack of the Christmas Present" is a short story in More & More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


NOTE: This plot synopsis was stolen from Blogger Beware's review of this story. Please rewrite this section.

Jack is playing checkers with his older brother Doug when their Uncle Billy arrives. Uncle Billy is the resident Hep Cat Uncle and Jack is over the moon about him spending Christmas with the family.

Christmas morning arrives and the family digs into their presents. Jack's pretty excited because he receives a video game called Troll's Bane. However, Jack and Doug are both underwhelmed by Uncle Billy's presents. Jack is given a spooky tribal mask and Doug gets a Japanese toy called "Robot Tag." After Billy leaves, the two kids switch gifts. Upstairs in his room, Jack examines Robot Tag. It's a 20 inch humanoid figure with chains across the chest, sharp teeth, and a pointy rhinoceros horn. Jack leaves the robot on the floor and drifts off to sleep, only to hear the toy moving. The sounds get closer and closer until finally the robot appears at the foot of his bed. Too scared to do anything, Jack finally drifts off to sleep. When he awakes, the robot is on the dresser. Spooked, Jack throws the robot in the closet and goes down for breakfast. Upon returning to his room he discovers the robot waiting for him in the middle of his room. Jack runs out and shuts the door behind him, but suddenly he hears a whirring sound. The robot has drilled through the door and is continuing the pursuit. Jack tries to fight the robot with a hockey stick but the robot easily snaps it into splinters.

Jack runs downstairs and the robot slides down the banister and greets hum at the foot of the stairs. Panicked and trapped, the robot inches closer, its rhino horn whirring. Jack grimaces and braces himself when... the robot accosts him and chirps, "You're it!"

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