Not to be confused with Aaron Freidus from The Werewolf in the Living Room.

Aaron Freidus is a character in the fourteenth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Jekyll and Heidi. Aaron is the best friend of Heidi Davidson.


Jekyll and Heidi

While Heidi Davidson waits at a bus stop, Aaron befriends her. Aaron warns Heidi of a creature that terrorizes the town. He says that her uncle may in fact be the monster.

General information

Physical Appearance

Aaron Freidus is described as having thick, dark, brown hair. Heidi also describes Aaron as being cute and roughly the same age as her.


Aaron proves himself to be fairly brave near the end of the story.


  • There is another Goosebumps Series 2000 character named Aaron Friedus in the book The Werewolf in the Living Room, but the characters are in no way related.
    • The boy named Aaron in Jekyll and Heidi has a mother, while the Aaron in The Werewolf in the Living Room does not.
    • The Aaron in Jekyll and Heidi also has dark brown hair, while the Aaron in The Werewolf in the Living Room has red hair.

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