Not to be confused with Aaron Freidus from Jekyll and Heidi.

Aaron Freidus is the main protagonist of the seventeenth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, The Werewolf in the Living Room.


The Werewolf in the Living Room

Aaron's dad believes in werewolves, he thinks werewolves are a myth, but he had to go to his dad to Russia to hunt for one. While there, Aaron finally believes in werewolves, after he meets one, and it bites him, now Aaron is a werewolf.

After the shocking discovery, Aaron's dad is determined to find a cure for his son, even if it takes him the rest of his life. One day, Aaron realizes that there is no cure, and he doesn't want to be alone. At precisely the right time, Aaron turns his dad into a werewolf as well.


Aaron is a very serious person, he only believes in fact, until he learns that werewolves existed, and when he became one, he gained a fear of being alone, and not being able to do anything ever again.


  • There is another Goosebumps Series 2000 character named Aaron Freidus in the book Jekyll and Heidi, but the characters are in no way related.
    • The boy named Aaron in Jekyll and Heidi has a mother, while the Aaron in The Werewolf in the Living Room does not.
    • The Aaron in Jekyll and Heidi also has dark brown hair, while the Aaron in The Werewolf in the Living Room has red hair.

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