"A Change for the Strange" is the sixth story in Even More Tales to Give You Goosebumps. It comes after "The Haunted House Game" and before "Perfect School". It is 12 pages long.


Jane is a girl who loves to run and practice for track. Her best friend, a girl named Lizzy, is more into girlier activities, such as trying on clothes. Despite how different both girls are, they do have some things they share in common. Such as enjoying the same show and dancing around to the same music.

One day, Lizzy talks Jane into visiting the cool new consignment shop around the block, "A Change For the Strange", which is heavily themed on vintage objects and clothing.

Both girls manage to find some fun items that fit both of their needs and interest, such as Jane finding a red snakeskin jacket and Lizzy finds a pair of adorable bunny slippers. When Jane puts on the jacket, she is so excited that she turns into a red snake. Jane tries to go into Lizzy's bedroom to reveal that she is not really a snake. When Lizzy finds her, she thinks it's one of her brother's snakes and gives it to him. Her brother realizes its not one of his snakes and takes off the tiny jacket, reverting Jane back into a human. The story ends when Jane turns into a rabbit after she tries on Lizzy's bunny slippers.